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Thanks to

Many people (from around the world) have been part, to a greater or lesser extent, of the vast majority of items in my Depeche Mode collection. Naming some of those people is unfair, because many other people will probably be left off the list, but I will do my best.

In no particular order, many thanks to José Comin, Sven Gerlach, Jonathan Rodríguez, Germán Ruetti, Christian Bustamante, Antonela, Cristian, Nicolás. Maxi, Mario Escalada, Gerardo Barreto, the entire community of DepMod forum, and finally (and more importantly) to my family... for supporting me, understanding my madness and love that I feel for Depeche Mode.



Official Websites



www.depechemode.com - The official website of Depeche Mode

www.davegahan.com - The official website of Dave Gahan

www.martingore.com - The official website of Martin Gore

www.recoil.co.uk - The official website of Alan Wilder


Record companies

www.mute.com - Mute Records UK

www.sonymusic.com - Sony Music Entertainment

www.sonymusic.com.ar - Sony Music Argentina

www.columbiarecords.com - Columbia Records

www.warnerbrosrecords.com - Warner Bros. Records

www.sirerecords.com - Sire Records

www.rhino.com - Rhino

www.legacyrecordings.com - Legacy



Reference Sites

www.depmod.com - Depeche Mode Discography

www.dm-intercord-sammler.de - Germany Discography

www.recoil19.net - Recoil Discography

www.discogs.com - Discogs


Collector Sites

www.mrlove.org - Mr. Love (England)

www.depmod.de - Pavoni aka Sven (Germany)

www.shinji.be - Shinji (Belgium)

www.bong14.com - Thomas Dörnte (Germany)

www.depechecollector.com - Francesco (Italy)

www.devotional-dm.webcindario.com - Devotional (Spain)

www.schwemmi.com - Jens Schwemmer (Germany)